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Assistant Professor Duan Fei in Singapore Nanyang Technological University Came to Our School for Academic Report
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Report Subject: Droplet Evaporation Research

Report Summary: As a very common natural process, droplet evaporation has been widely used in the printing, coating, medical and cooling. However, it was showed that the rate of evaporation could not be predicted even under the same conditions and the evaporation factor had thousands of differences. The basic mechanism of evaporation should been deepened. The study of pure single droplet evaporation in a quasi-static condition showed that the droplet temperature discontinuity existed at the interface and convection existed at the surface caused by temperature difference. Thus the energy distribution of the droplets and the distribution of the evaporation rate were affected. We developed a statistical rate theory applied in droplets evaporate on the basis of statistical thermodynamics. The model takes into account the complexity of evaporation, so evaporation conditions and some thermodynamic properties could be accurately predicted. On the other hand, in the study of the drying process of evaporation of nanofluids droplets, we use surface convection and capillary convection to explain "finger", "coffee-ring" and uniform deposition process from the experiment and the Monte-Carlo simulation.

Report Time : October 11, 2013( Friday) at 9:30 am

Place: Room 311, Second Office

Warmly welcome all teachers and students to participate!

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