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The Fourth UK-China International Particle Technology Forum held in Shanghai
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        The Fourth UK-China International Particle Technology Forum and the 2013 Multiphase Flow Annual Conference of Chinese Engineering Thermophysics was held recently in Shanghai.

        At the opening ceremony, Hu Shougen, president of Shanghai University, gave a passionate speech, and the chairman of Chinese Society of particles Chen Yunfa, the director of the National Natural Science Foundation Engineering Liu Tao and the director of China Engineering Thermophysics multiphase flow Committee Ren Guolie respectively made a speech at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided by the chairman, the Professor Cai Xiaoshu from school of energy and power engineering,USST.

        Many people attended the meeting, including the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Lin Zonghu,the vice president of Shanghai University of Science and Technology Liu Ping, the dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering Zhang Hua, the academician of Australian Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering professor Aibing Yu,  the academician of the British Royal Academy of Engineering professor Raffaella Ocone, the director of Particles Sciences and Engineering Research of UK University of Leeds Professor Ding Yulong and more than 30 foreign scholars from the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and the United States and more than 350 well-known experts, scholars, researchers and graduate students from domestic universities and research institutions.

        Many papers were elected at the meeting, including 97 papers from the UK-China International Particle Technology Forum and 260 papers from Multiphase Flow Annual Conference of Chinese Engineering Thermophysics. A variety of discussions and exchanges were arranged, including a meeting report, grouping reports, posters, discussions of enterprises and research institutions, introducing and exchanging of enterprise technology products and visiting. Lively discussions about latest developments were started in these areas including the synthesis and crystallization, characterization and measurement, multi-scale modeling, processing and handling, nanotechnology, particle mechanics and two-phase flow and boiling heat transfer and mass transfer, phase flow and combustion and pollution control, multiphase flow new mathematical models and numerical methods, petroleum engineering multiphase flow, multiphase flow measurement technology, reactor thermal hydraulics, two-phase and phase-change heat transfer enhancement in energy-saving and two-phase flow and heat and mass transfer in high-tech.

        The meeting was jointly organized by the Chinese Society of particles, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Technology Commission particles, and China Engineering Thermophysics, with the contractor of Shanghai Institute of particles. The meeting brought together many well-known domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the field, which was a symposium of high-level and large-scale. It played a good role in the construction and development of multiphase flow and particle in our university and other related disciplines, at the same time improving the academic status, visibility and influence of USST.


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