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“Famous Oversea Teacher in Shanghai” Professor Zheng Zhongquan Senior Seminar in Summer Registration Notice
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Dear teachers:

“Famous Oversea Teacher in Shanghai” Professor Zheng Zhongquan will open a summer senior seminar in our school from July 11th to July 24th. The seminar is about turbulence, which is the basic problem of the second subjects in our faculty and beneficial for our basic knowledge and research abilities.


Time: Monday to Thursday’s am during July 11th-24th.

Welcome the young teachers and postgraduates to attend! (postgraduate should be enrolled by tutor)


Please come to Ms Gu in the 2nd Office Building of Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering room 215 for Enrollment.


Brief introduction of teaching content: Introduction to Turbulent Flow

Course Description: Reynolds averaged equations for turbulent flow, basic energy relations and spectra in turbulent flow, analysis of turbulent boundary layer, turbulent pipe flow, and turbulence models

Prerequisites: Basic fluid mechanics

Textbook: Class notes

Reference books: “Turbulence”, by Hinze, McGraw-Hill; “Boundary Layer Theory”, by Schlichting, McGaw-Hill; “Turbulent Flows”, by Pope, Cambridge; “A First Course in Turbulence”, by Tennekes and Lumley, MIT Press.


1.    Review of Navier-Stokes equations and tensor notations

2.    Ergodic Hypothesis and  Reynolds decomposition

3.    Dynamic equations for turbulent flow

4.    Properties of Reynolds stress

5.    Energy relations and spectra in turbulent flow

6.    Turbulent boundary layer

7.    Turbulent pipe flow

8.    Turbulence models

a.    Zero-equation, one-equation, and two-equation models

b.    Reynolds stress transport equations

c.    LES concepts

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