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Haobo Hua, the Postdoctoral Fellow of Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, Comes to Our School for Two Phase Flow Numerical Simulation Academic Report
publishing time:2015-09-09 reading times:246

Lecture title: Numerical Simulations of Two-phase Flows

Lecturer: Haobo Hua(华浩波),Postdoctoral Fellow,School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering,Nanyang Technological University

Date:13:30, Sept 16th, 2015

Place:2nd Office Building of Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering room 311

Host:Wang Haimin


(1) Comparison of LSM,FPM and IBM

(2) Dynamics of simple and compound droplets in shear flows

(3) Hanging droplet including temperature gradient effect using phase-field model

(4) Level-set and immersed boundary methods for rising bubble

(5) Bubble-boundary-layer interactions in channel flows using IB method

(6) Bubble-boundary-layer interactions in laminar and turbulent flows using IB method

(7) Droplet deformation in an oscillatory flow

(8) Breakup of cylindrical viscous liquid threads

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