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Proliferation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) Centric Technology for Building Performance Analysis
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Speaker:Dr. Alex Lee,CEO (Asia) & Co-Founder BIM HVACTool- A Green Building Performance Analysis simulation tool.

Time: 10:00 a.m. Jan. 12 2018

Venue: Second office building

Dr. Alex Lee has over 25 years of research experiences at STAe, DSO, IHPC, CIMNE (Singapore), NUS, with a focus on the applications of numerical methods to the built environment (building and cities) with energy and sustainability as key pivots. His expertise includes Integrated Building Performance Analysis, HVAC System, Energy in Buildings, Performance Based Fire and Smoke Analysis. He is an Adjunct Professor in NUS, SiT and BCA Academy. He has also been actively involved the Integrated Sustainable Design of Building, working closely with different stakeholders on the building ecosystem such as architects, engineers, project managers for a holistic view of energy and building. He is also the co-developer and the co-founder of BIM HVCTool – A Graphica User Interface for Building Performance Analysis Tool.

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