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Admission and entry conditions

Those who intend to be admitted to USST to study undergraduate programs and pursue Bachelor's degree need to participate in the National University Entrance Exams of People's Republic of China or the unified university entrance exams held in relevant cities or provinces. Those who meet the following conditions may register for the exams: (1) complying with the Constitution and Laws of the People's Republic of China; (2) graduated from an advanced secondary school or with equivalent education; (3) healthy physically.

Admission process

Chinese universities can basically be divided into three levels: those at the first level are universities under Ministry of Education, about 40 in total; those at the second level are provincial key universities, about 100 in total, and USST is at this level; those at the third level are other general universities.

As for university admission, the admission scores for each city and province will be determined by themselves according to the number of candidates and the exam results. The admission will be carried out in three batches according to scores: there are the first batch, the second batch and the third batch in the order of scores (from high to low).

Admission transparency

In accordance with education law of the People's Republic of China, universities and provincial admission offices should carry out freshman admission work in line with such principle as "university responsible, while admission office supervision". Universities should carry out admission according to the admission rules published to the public. As for those candidates who have passed ideological and moral assessment, meet the admission scores of corresponding batch and meet a university’s requirements on transfer of achieves, such university may determine whether to admit such candidates and to which programs they will be admitted. Universities are responsible to explain to those whose achieves have been dispensed but who are not admitted at last. Provincial admission offices are responsible for supervising universities implementation of national admission policies and plans, and correcting those behaviors in violation of national admission policies or regulations.

Admission reform

Since 2007, some universities are entitled to admit some candidates without adopting the National University Entrance Exams but adopting their autonomy proposition examination, or admit those who meet the relevant conditions prescribed by Ministry of Education and pass certain assessment.

Candidates admitted through the above method have exactly the same student status and enjoy the same curriculum as other students who admitted through ordinary method. But the proportion of students admitted by the above method should be strictly controlled within 20%, so as to ensure the vast majority of candidates are admitted through ordinary method.

Up to the present, USST does not adopt the above admission method.