Business Professionals Lecture Talks – “Post-Pandemic Reopening and Opportunities for Future Businesses”


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has profoundly changed the world. In the face of an uncertain world, how should young people choose their roads of life?

At 3 p.m. on May 19, 2021, the British Cultural Centre held a Business Professionals Lecture Talks series lecture. The theme of this lecture is "Post-Pandemic Reopening and Opportunities for Future Businesses", given by Mr. ASEN, a regular guest of the center.

Before the lecture, ASEN introduced himself to everyone, and then participants also briefly introduced their grades and majors.  

First of all, ASEN reviewed COVID-19’s impact onChina and the world. In order to introduce the concept of "Post-Pandemic Era", ASEN put forward five changes to personal habits after the pandemic: way of spending, new habits of life, and pros and cons of online classes. Students were asked to recall their experience related to these changes and write them on the given paper. Then, Mr. ASEN commented on the students' answers in a humorous manner, deepening students’ understanding of the "Post-Pandemic Era". Following the idea of "change", Mr. ASEN also mentioned the growth and decline of trade in various industries influenced by the pandemic. In the past six months, restaurants, cinemas and fashion industries witnessed respective declines, while the need for takeouts, medical care and mobile electronic devices increased. These trends all remind us that the business pattern of "Post-Pandemic Era" is constantly changing.

On the topic of "globalization", Mr. ASEN talked about The Belt and Road Initiative. He mentioned that for Chinese enterprises, taking an edge of brands and looking for cultural interaction can better enhance mutual understanding and promote trade among countries. He reminded college students to keep on learning when he shared his experience in working for "China Eastern European countries cooperation". We are in an era of opportunities and challenges. Young entrepreneurs and college students need to grasp opportunities while also recognize risks.

As time went by, the lecture was coming to an end. Students thanked Mr. ASEN for his lecture and looked forward to more receiving more guidance on employment from BCC.