Principal Expert of CARDC Xiao Jingping Visited USST


On April 15th, Xiao Jingping, Principal Expert of China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) paid a visit to USST and carried out talks with Wu Jianyong, Secretary of Party Committee of USST.

Wu Jianyong outlined something about discipline development and talents construction of USST, in hopes of winning attention and supports from Xiao Jingping through science and technology collaboration.

To more than one hundred faculty and students from School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xiao Jingping delivered an academic speech entitled “carrier based unmanned aircraft platform”, briefed introductions about the research background and trends of unmanned aerial vehicle platform structure. Yue Peng, Distinguished Researcher of the center, delivered a report on the fundamental solutions of N-S equation and integral formulation, explicitly stating the research methodology and framework, and related mathematical theoretical development of the latest achievements in numerical solution of N-S equation, generalized potential and separation transition and made explanations about the recent research achievements and application. Faculty and students present raised questions according to personal research directions, while two experts shared their ideas and had heated academic discussion with USST faculty and students.

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