Danfoss Maglev Compressor Technology Exchange Meeting and Donation Ceremony was held


         In order to further implement the spirit of the National Conference on undergraduate education in universities, innovate the personnel training mechanism, deepen the integration of industry and education, and integrate the development of advanced science and technology with classroom teaching and scientific research. On March 18th, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Danfoss (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd. held a series of activities including Danfoss Maglev Compressor Technology Exchange Meeting, Maglev Compressor Donation Ceremony and Enterprise Experts Report in the conference room of the second office building and the lecture hall of the complex building respectively.

     Zhang Hua, vice president of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Jose, global vice president of Danfoss maglev compressor, Zhang Xudong, business director of Danfoss maglev compressor in China, Liu Hongshao, application manager of Danfoss maglev compressor, Jiao Xuemeng, secretary of the Party Committee of School of Energy and Power Engineering, Wu Weidong, deputy director of personnel department, Su Mingxu and Li Ling, vice dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, and more than 200 teachers and students of the Institute attended the relevant activities.

         In the first stage of the activity, a technical exchange meeting on magnetic levitation centrifugal compressor was held in the conference room of the second office building. Associate Professor Wang Zilong presided over the meeting.On behalf of the school, vice president Zhang Hua welcomed vice president of Alvares Jose and his party to visit.Zhang Guanhua, Yang Yingying, Sheng Jian, You Xiaokuan and other teachers of the school respectively reported the discipline development and talent training of the school, the first-class courses of Refrigeration Principles and Devices and Refrigeration Compressor, and the situation of industry-university-research institution cooperation of magnetic levitation refrigeration. Vice president Jose spoke highly of the school running ability and level of refrigeration specialty, hoping to further strengthen technical cooperation and expand the application of magnetic levitation centrifugal compressor in new fields and new scenes.

Maglev Centrifugal Compressor Technology Exchange Meeting


In the second stage of the activity, the donation ceremony of Danfoss maglev compressor was held in the lecture hall of the complex building, which was presided over by Professor Li Ling, vice president of School of Energy and Power Engineering. First of all, Jiao Xuemeng, secretary of the Party Committee of School of Energy and Power Engineering, made a speech to thank Danfoss group for its support to the teaching and scientific research of the school. Jose, vice president of Alvares, carefully prepared his speech, and vividly introduced the hard process of Danfoss maglev compressor from the new idea of oil-free compressor to continuous technological breakthrough, until the success of research and development and commercial application. It is pointed out that the maglev compressor is a sophisticated technical product, which integrates many cutting-edge technologies such as refrigeration, pneumatic, control and materials. This is the first time that the maglev technology of the company has been donated to university, hoping to further strengthen the scientific research exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, and expand the industrial application and technical innovation of the magnetic levitation centrifugal compressor.  


 School of Energy and Power Engineering Party Committee Secretary Jiao Xuemeng delivered a speech

Vice President Mr. Jose delivered a speech


      Vice president Zhang Hua and vice president Jose jointly unveiled the prize for the donated maglev compressor, and presented the honorary certificate to vice president Jose on behalf of the school. Vice president Zhang Hua delivered a speech on behalf of the school, thanking Danfoss company for donating the most advanced technology products to the school and supporting the school's personnel training work. He hoped to closely contact head science and technology enterprises, not only strengthen scientific research cooperation, but also feedback teaching through scientific research, adding the latest and diversified teaching courseware content. The two sides should carry forward the tradition, look to the future, and further strengthen cooperation in new refrigeration technologies.


  Vice President Zhang Hua delivered a speech

  Vice President Zhang Hua presented certificate of honor to Vice President Jose

Manager Liu Hongshao gave a technical report


     In the third stage of the activity, a lecture on magnetic levitation centrifugal Compressor technology was held. Professor Liu Yefeng presided over the lecture. Liu Hongshao, application manager of Danfoss magnetic levitation compressor, gave a technical report entitled Danfoss Turbocor Oil-free Compressor Introduction. The report was divided into the value orientation, technological innovation, complete set of technology and application scenarios of the magnetic suspension centrifugal compressor, etc. Combined with the actual situation and the course teaching, the report is brilliant and welcomed by the students. Vice president Jose and his party also visited the refrigeration and cryogenic engineering laboratory, the national experimental teaching demonstration center of energy and power engineering, and Hujiang International Exchange Park.

  Donation ceremony and report meeting venue