The 2021 National Excellent College Students Summer Camp of School of Energy and Power Engineering was successfully held


On August 20, 2021, School of Energy and Power Engineering successfully held the national excellent college students summer camp, and selected 100 excellent college students from 37 colleges and universities to participate in the summer camp. The summer camp provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the faculty, discipline development, scientific research, postgraduate training and student management services of our college, it also provides a learning and communication platform for the 2022 undergraduate graduates who have the courage to innovate, love scientific research, comprehensive professional quality, and are willing to further their studies in our university.

At the opening ceremony, vice president Zhang Hua delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the school. He welcomed outstanding students from colleges and universities all over the country and introduced the history and discipline development of the school and the college. Vice president Zhang Hua said that by holding this activity, students can have a deeper understanding of the development of advantageous disciplines of the University; He encouraged the students to seize the opportunity, work hard and achieve their dreams, and wished them success in pursuing their dreams.

Yang Qiguo, president of School of Energy and Power Engineering, introduced the overall situation of postgraduate training, the training mode of innovative talents under the new situation and the frontier direction of discipline development. He pointed out that the double carbon goal brings great opportunities for the development of energy and power engineering disciplines and talent training. We should seize new opportunities, face the national strategy, promote discipline optimization and upgrading, and focus on the integration of science and education to improve the quality of talent training.

The representatives of the eight disciplines introduced the research direction, tutors and academic achievements of each discipline respectively. Subsequently, Professor Cai Xiaoshu gave a report entitled Research on on-line measurement of particles and two-phase flow; Professor Huang diangui gave a report entitled Flow control methods and new energy absorption modes of in vitro micro structuresTalking about scientific research topics with prospective graduate students; Professor Dou Binlin gave a report entitled Overview of hydrogen energy development; Professor Wu Weidong gave a report entitled Some innovative applications and Research on refrigeration and heat pump technology. Professors and students had a lively exchange and interaction on the conference platform.

Qian Haiyan, deputy secretary of School of Energy and Power Engineering, introduced the graduate awards and grants and the employment of graduates. Zeng Baoxin and Hu Hao, two outstanding graduate representatives, shared their scientific research experience and experience. The excellent campers selection working group communicated with the campers one by one through online sub venues, conducted selection and assessment, and finally selected 42 excellent campers.

Jiao Xuemeng, Secretary of the Party committee of School of Energy and Power Engineering, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, as college students in the new era, we should inherit the great party building spirit. We should have the faith of adhering to the truth and ideals, and the responsibility of practicing our original intention and undertaking our mission.

School of Energy and Power Engineering has set up a stage for everyone to show their talents. College students with ideals and responsibilities are welcome to actively join the dynamic college family and work together to realize the dream of becoming a powerful country.

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