The kick-off meeting of the secondary discipline scientific research team jointly established by China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology was successfully held


The 14th Five-Year Plan of China proposes to further promote the clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient utilization of energy. In order to gradually achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, the industrial combustion process dominated by natural gas will be the key field of energy conservation and emission reduction in China. As the only university in China which participates the secondary discipline of “Industrial Combustion Equipment Safety and Environmental Protection Testing and Evaluation” led by China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute successfully passed the project, and the scientific research team kick-off meeting was successfully held in Shanghai Yanjing Combustion Equipment Testing Co., Ltd. on September 10, 2021. Li Yazhou, general manager, Fu Jun, deputy general manager, and Wang Jun, manager of Quality Department of Shanghai Yanjing Combustion Equipment Testing Co., Ltd.

This discipline focuses on key technologies and adheres to “thick foundation, strong intersection and heavy application. Build an innovative team with distinctive characteristics of combination of industry, University, research and application. Through the collaborative management mechanism, all participating units give full play to their respective advantages, jointly carry out technological research, and promote scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation.

This discipline establishes an innovative industrial combustion scientific research talent working team, establish the comprehensive analysis technology and evaluation discipline system of industrial combustion process safety and environmental protection from existing to optimal; build the whole life cycle technology system of combustion equipment and fully realize the localization of key technical equipment in the field of industrial combustion; construct the safety and environmental protection testing and evaluation system of high-level industrial combustion equipment in China; continue to lead the direction of technical innovation and industrial upgrading related to industrial combustion equipment in the field of special equipment in China, provide innovative achievements for the construction of national special equipment safety related industries, and cultivate relevant technical talents.

At the kick-off meeting, director Dou Wenyu introduced the basic situation of China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute and the supporting policies related to discipline development. Li Yazhou, general manager, introduced the development history, type test service characteristics of Shanghai Yanjing Company and the characteristic products related to burners jointly developed by Professor Xu Hongtao of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Director Liao Xiaowei, discipline leader of China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute, introduced the original intention and mission of the discipline. Yang Qiguo, dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, introduced the professional situation of the college and put forward some ideas for the development of the discipline.

The participating units have carried out detailed discussions on the contents of the discipline construction cycle, and clarified their respective responsibilities and work contents. The joint research and cooperation mode of industry, University, research and application, the construction of achievement transformation and industrialization demonstration base, and the preparation of combustion equipment safety and low-carbon technology innovation sub center were deeply discussed. All units said they would make joint efforts to promote the development of high-quality characteristics of the discipline.