School of Energy and Power Engineering and Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. built the school-enterprise joint talent training center & The unveiling ceremony of off-campus practice base of Renewable Energy Science and Engineering


 Focusing on the construction of first-class disciplines in high-level universities and promoting the training of talents in fields of new power engineering by school enterprise cooperation, School of Energy and Power Engineering signed a school-enterprise joint talent training agreement with Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. on November 15, and held the unveiling ceremony of off campus practice base of new energy science and engineering. Mr. Zhenhui Yan, general manager of Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhikun Zhang, deputy general manager, Mr. Xuemeng Jiao, Secretary of the school Party committee, Professor Ling Li, deputy director of the school, Associate Professor Guanhua Zhang, director of the Department of New Energy, and Associate Professor Liang Yang, branch secretary, attended the signing and unveiling ceremony.

 Before the unveiling ceremony, the two sides held a symposium. Zhenhui Yan, general manager of Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., and Xuemeng Jiao, Secretary of the School party committee, delivered speeches at the ceremony respectively. General manager Yan extended a warm welcome to the guests from the school, and introduced the company's original construction intention, technological innovation and development plan. He emphasized that the growth of the enterprise was inseparable from the strong support of the school, and the development of the enterprise would also feed the education. He hoped to carry out in-depth IUR cooperation with college and university, to promote the incubation of the school’s research achievements in the practice of the enterprise. In addition, the students trained by the school could be more suitable to meet the needs of the enterprise by the co-construction of the talent training center with college and university. Jiao, Secretary of the College, gave an introduction on the discipline advantages, teaching and research status and student training of the college to Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., LTD. Based on the opportunity of the practice base, he hoped to establish a deep cooperative partnership with the enterprise, build a school-enterprise scientific research cooperation platform, make innovation on the joint training mode of talents, and promote the construction of high-level university.

Figure 1 Meeting of leaders from Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., LTD. and School of Energy and Power Engineering.

Figure 2 General manager Zhenhui Yan and Secretary Xuemeng Jiao unveiled the practice base.

Figure 3 Group photo of key personals of both sides.

 After the opening ceremony, the school delegation was invited to visit the operation workshop of Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., LTD. Xia Chu, operation manager, introduced the company's urban waste treatment scale, waste incineration power generation process, self-innovation technology, opportunities and challenges brought to the company by Shanghai municipal waste classification. The leaders of the college had an in-depth exchange with Manager Chu, and gave great praise to the company's highly integrated intelligent waste incineration power generation equipment, as well as clean and comfortable working environment. They also believed that students would gain many benefits after the practice in the future.

Figure 4 The school delegation visited the enterprise operation workshop and main control room.

 In recent years, the school has maintained close cooperation with Shanghai Dongshitang Renewable Energy Co., LTD. The company has jointly trained more than 20 master of engineering students with the school, and has provided guides for over 200 undergraduate graduation internships for the school's new energy science and engineering specialty. Teachers of the school often came to enterprises for communication and provide technical guidance. With the foundation of the practice base, the two sides will further explore a new mode of university-enterprise joint talent training, promote IUR collaborative innovation, open a new situation of university-enterprise win-win cooperation, and promote industrial development and national construction.