Professor Luo Kun from Zhejiang University was invited to give an academic report to the teachers and students of School of Energy and Power Engineering


On the morning of November 12, 2021, with the invitation of School of Energy and Power Engineering, Professor Luo Kun, deputy president of Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Zhejiang University (SIAS), delivered an academic report entitled “Investigation on the multiphase flow interface analysis based on Direct Numerical Simulation” in Room 103, Advanced Manufacture Building. Prof. Diangui Huang, Prof. Fengxian Fan, Prof. Wu Zhou and other teachers, as well as more than 40 doctoral and master candidates attended the academic report.

Prof. Fan Fengxian hosted the meeting. She introduced professor Luo's academic achievements, and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to professor Luo on behalf of the faculties and students of the school.

During his presentation, Professor Luo's introduced the research progress of the application of direct numerical simulation on multiphase flow interface analysis, including the embedded boundary method of gas-solid two-phase flow, the Level Set method of gas-liquid flow, and the applications of these methods in studies on multiphase turbulence and combustion. The report was vivid, detailed, rich in content, with complicated theories explained in simple languages. Teachers and students shared opinions and raised questions in a warm atmosphere.  

 In the following communication, Prof. Mingxu Su, vice director of School of Energy and Power Engineering, introduced the scientific research status of the school to Professor Luo. Professor Diangui Huang and Professor Fengxian Fan introduced their current research works. Professor Luo highly praised the work of the school, and looked forward to establishing a good cooperative relationship between the SIAS and School of Energy and Power Engineering of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in the future.

Figure 1 Professor Luo Kun delivering academic report

Figure 2 Professor Luo Kun's lecture

Introduction to Professor Luo Kun

Luo Kun, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of Zhejiang University, Doctoral Tutor, Deputy president of Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Zhejiang University (SIAS). He worked on the computational modeling and numerical simulation of complex multiphase flow in the field of energy and power engineering for a long time, and hosted a number of important national scientific research projects. He proposed a new method for numerical simulation of multiphase turbulence, revealed new mechanisms of coupling interaction of complex interfaces, and established a new model with better universality and prediction accuracy. The model has been successfully applied to the fields of energy, power and environment, and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. He has been successively selected as the Youth Top Talent of ‘10000 Person Plan’ of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in Scientific and Technological Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He was granted The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the First Award of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education, and Tencent Scientific Exploration Award, etc. He published over 200 high-quality academic papers, and was selected as Elsevier 2020 China's highly cited scholars. He was invited to make keynote speeches at important international academic conferences for over 30 times, and served as the director of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, the standing director of Zhejiang Society of Engineering Thermophysics, as well as the editor, deputy editor or editorial board member of several important journals in China and foreign countries.

 Professor Luo Kun