Professors and students in our school make academic reports at domestic top academic conferences


From May 14th to 15th, 2022, the 2021 China Engineering Thermophysics Society Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Machinery Academic Conference held online. During the conference, an exchange meeting on the progress of research projects in the field of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics of the National Natural Science Foundation of China was organized at the same time. The 7th Young Scholars Symposium on Aerodynamics and Fluid Machinery was also organized.

Professor Huang Diangui from the Institute of Fluid Mechanics, School of Energy and Power Engineering, was invited to give a conference report on "Traveling Wave Wind Energy/Water Flow Energy Absorption Method", and Associate Professor Lou Qin gave a special report on the Young Scholars Seminar "Solving the Positive and Negative Problems of the Boltzmann-BGK Equationthrough Physical Neural Network Method". Assistant Professor Sun Jinjing made an Funded Progress Report "Research on Aerodynamic Performance and Energy Gaining Mechanism of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Jet Tail" and Special Report of Young Scholars Seminar "Research on Airfoil and Wind Turbine Blade Flow Control". Assistant Professor Dong Xiangrui made a fund progress report "Numerical and experimental research on the identification and generation mechanism of turbulent boundary layer vortex structure". Professor Dai Ren and Associate Professor Chen Liu were invited to serve as the chairmen of the compressor flow stability and turbine flow and design sub-sessions. Other teachers and students from our school gave oral reports in the compressor/turbine flow, wind turbine and hydraulic machinery subvenues.

This annual academic conference has built a high-level academic exchange platform for experts and scholars in the field of engineering thermophysics. The teachers and students of our school participated in the annual meeting and made academic reports, which demonstrated the scientific research strength and academic influence of our school in the fields of heat engine, aerodynamic thermodynamics and fluid machinery.

Figure 1: Professor Huang Diangui made a special report of the conference

Figure 2: Associate Professor Lou Qin gave a special report on the Young Scholars Seminar