Undergraduate students of SEPE published a paper on the research of supercritical carbon dioxide combined cycle system of gas turbine in the top international academic journal Energy


Recently, under the guidance of Professor Huang Diangui, Qi Yinke, a 2018 undergraduate student of our institute, published an academic paper as the first author in the top issue of energy "Energy" (IF=8.857) with the title of "Energy and exergy analysis of supercritical/transcritical CO2 cycles for water". In this paper, under the background of the dual carbon target, hydrogen is selected as the fuel of the gas turbine, and water is added during the combustion process to reduce the combustion temperature, so as to achieve low NOx emissions and nearly zero CO2 emissions. At the same time, an ultra/transcritical carbon dioxide cycle is constructed at the gas turbine outlet to absorb the waste heat of exhaust, so as to realize the cascade utilization of energy. In this way, a combined cycle system with zero carbon emission, low pollution, high efficiency and low cost is constructed. In addition, parameter selection and energy efficiency analysis of the constructed system are carried out from the perspectives of energy and exergy, which can provide a basis for the design of the next generation gas turbine. This work was supported by the "Two Aircraft" basic science center major project (P2021-AB-I-003-001).

Fig. 1. Flow chart of the top cycle of the water-doped hydrogen combustion engine

Fig. 2. Flow chart of carbon dioxide bottom cycle

Previously, she published an article as the first author in the international journal Renewable Energy (IF=8.634) titled "Investigation on aerodynamic performance of horizontal axis wind turbine by setting micro-plate in front of the blade leading edge "Qi Yinke's graduation design was also awarded the Second National Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Thesis (Design) Online Exhibition and Communication Activity.

At present, Qi Yinke has been recommended to Tsinghua University to pursue a PhD degree.