USST welcomes the first group of students and teachers from overseas partner universities to greet spring together


Magnolia and cherry blossoms are to be releasedwhile the temperature climbing to 23 degrees due to the warm spring breeze. On the afternoon of March 7th eleven students and teachers from Chuo University of Japan, accompanied by Mr. He Weiming, the director of the Japanese Cultural Exchange Center of USST, came to the Sino-British College (SBC) for an exchange visit. This is the first group of overseas students received by USST this year, and also the first group of overseas students visiting USST since the outbreak of pandemic.

On behalf of SBC, Ms. Cai Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of the College, extended a warm welcome to the visiting Japanese students and teachers, and introduced the basic overview of SBC and its characteristics and international enrollment. She expressed that USST had carried out various academic and cultural exchange activities with many Japanese universities, and hoped that through such exchange platform today, more Japanese students would get to know Shanghai and USST, and experience the real three-dimensional campus cultural life of Chinese universities. The leader of the delegation, Professor Yoshiki Harada from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Chuo University of Japan, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception of SBC. He said that the unique architectural style and profound historical and cultural heritage of the Fuxing campus of USST were very impressive. He hoped that the exchange will enhance understanding, gain friendship and grow together, improve the comprehension and identity between the students and teachers of the two countries, and inject youthful vitality into the friendship between the two countries in the new phase.

The Japanese students and faculty fortunately became the first group to visit the newly renovated Fuxing Road Campus History Museum. The museum's richly illustrated exhibits show the outstanding achievements of USST and the rich and colorful cultural activities of the campus in various periods, especially the competition robots developed by the SBC undergraduates on the first floor of the exhibition hall, which were of great interest to the Japanese students and faculty. They said that they could feel the advanced innovation consciousness and excellent independent research and development ability of USST students. They also wrote down their heartfelt praises and feelings on the message board, and the words were full of good wishes for the Sino-Japanese relations.

Afterwards, the delegation went into the English teaching classroom, which is a characteristic of SBC, and had a professional class in full English with the SBC students. Tony Ryan, a senior lecturer of business, gave an interesting and vivid case study of strategic management of a company, taking Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan as an example and combining it with theoretical knowledge of marketing. The Japanese students listened attentively and actively participated in the classroom interaction, and the classroom atmosphere was relaxed and active. "We were all very happy to have the opportunity to learn in depth in the English classroom. We were very impressed by the enthusiasm of the teachers and students in the classroom, and we really enjoyed the course content that combined theory and practice." A student from Chuo University in Japan said.

The visit built a platform for interaction and exchange between young students from Chinese and Japanese universities, and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation and exchange in the future.