Small Particles, Big Actions--Prof. Cai Xiaoshu and others published a monograph on "Particle Size Measurement Technology and Applications"


Recently, "Particle Size Measurement Techniques and Applications" (second edition) (Figure 1) by Prof. Cai Xiaoshu, Prof. Su Mingxu in our school and Prof. Shen Jianqi from the College of Science was officially published by Chemical Industry Press, with nearly 600,000 words. The publication of this book was again funded by the National Science and Technology Academic Works Publication Fund.

Figure 1"Particle Size Measurement Techniques and Applications" (second edition)

The concept of particles is extremely broad, including solid, liquid and gas multiphase, spanning multiple scales such as microscopic, mesoscopic and macroscopic, involving many disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and materials, and is closely related to the fields of energy, power, environment, chemical industry, medicine, food and information industry. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, granulometry research has posed new challenges to particle measurement technology, and the corresponding particle measurement methods, techniques and instruments have also seen great development and progress.

Professor Cai Xiaoshu's team has been engaged in research and teaching on particle size measurement for a long time, and has received support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 Program, the National 973 Program, and the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan Nanotechnology Program. The research team has made great achievements in the basic theory of particle measurement, measurement methods and technologies, and is a highly influential research team in the field of particle measurement in China and abroad.

"Particle Size Measurement Techniques and Applications" (2nd edition) is divided into ten chapters, which systematically and completely introduce the latest developments in particle size measurement from the basic knowledge of particle size, particle size measurement technology theory, particle size measurement instruments and applications, particle materiality parameters and particle measurement standards. Professors Xuecheng Wu and Yingchun Wu from Zhejiang University, Prof. Zhou Wu, Associate Prof. Yu Haitao and Dr. Tianyi Cai from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology participated in the editing, revision and proofreading of some chapters. This book can be used as a reference for researchers and engineers engaged in scientific research and application of particles, and also as a textbook or reference book for teachers and graduate students of related disciplines in higher education.

The first edition of this book was funded by the National Science and Technology Scholarly Works Publication Fund, and this edition was funded again and received funding from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Graduate Textbook Project.