"International Career Class" is now in session! Career tips from Intel experts


In the afternoon of March 30, the first session of "International Career Class" - "Intel's Career Planning Revealed" was held in the American Cultural Center in the Hujiang International Culture Park. Yiping Bao, R&D Director, and Wei Zhou, Human Resources Manager, both from Intel Asia Pacific Research and Development Co., Ltd., attended the event and brought a lecture full of practical information to the students. Nearly 60 students from different professional backgrounds participated in the event.

Before the lecture started, Li Qunhui, Deputy Director of Career Guidance Center, delivered a speech. He expressed that the employment situation is severe recently, and he was glad to see so many students actively participating in the " International Career Class" and planning their career in advance. Li Qunhui emphasized that students should try to get out of the ivory tower of the campus and understand the talent needs of enterprises as early as possible while they are studying their majors.

In the lecture, the two guests introduced the career path and talent training plan of Intel, and shared the misunderstandings to be avoided when entering the workplace and how to better complete the transformation from student to workplace with their own experiences. In the session of "Career Talk", the guests discussed with the students on hot topics such as "to roll or not to roll" and "how to face uncertainty", and answered their specific questions about Intel's university recruitment.  

The event also arranged a live mock interview session. Two students from the School of Optoelectronic Information and Computer Engineering enthusiastically applied for the interview and received the "soul torture" from the interviewers under the full attention of the audience - "What difficulties did you encounter in this project and how did you solve them? “, ”How do your friends around you say about you?", "What do you know about the company?" ...... For these classic interview questions, the guests made comments on the answers of two students and gave detailed suggestions on common problems in university recruitment interview and resume writing.

At the end of the event, Xu Lin, deputy director of the International Affairs Office, made a concluding speech. She said that tips from Intel's great experts such as good communication, regular summary and review, timely trial and correcting mistakes were crucial in both student career and future workplace. She hoped that students would continue to hone their soft skills and become the all-round talents that enterprises need, while strengthening their professional foundation and improving their hard strength in the future.